Building Relationships Series – Part 1


CPC Networks has a multi-decade history of developing top-tier enterprise solutions for startups, SMB’s and large corporations internationally. Each B2B relationship is given the ‘white glove’ experience. As a consultancy partner, CPC Networks does not just complete the requested project, but looks to dive into the client organization and have a sustainable impact on future growth and success. In this 2-part series we will discuss what it means to build long-lasting business relationships and why CPC Networks is committed to this business model.

Agency vs Consultancy Relationship

An agency is a vendor relationship that is task oriented. A design agency focuses on project-based tasks to help a corporate image or brand. An example is redefining an antiquated logo or marketing material for a specific product campaign. The client organization defines the scope and the agency organization executes the scope. An IT agency performs in the same manner providing everything from infrastructure to man-power (ie call center support) based on the scope of work identified by the client organization. These solutions are short term and specialized for a specific product, project or individual business goal.

A consultancy is a partner relationship. A marketing, sales or IT consultant does not just execute a set of requirements but provides analysis, research and experience to elevate the success rate of the organization. For example, a marketing consultant looks beyond the individual marketing goal and more wholly identifies how that goal fits into the overall mission of the client organization. Often times, client organizations lose focus and miss opportunities to grow further and faster when processes and campaigns do not integrate well system-wide.

After decades of experience in a vast number of industries, CPC Networks produces a comprehensive strategy to elevate the entire organization’s success vs the success of the specific project at hand. We want a long term relationship to scale your business and will often implement a scope of work that the client organization and CPC will need to execute together to realize their potential growth.

Why it Matters

If CPC is so good, why is there a need for a long term relationship?

Even the best campaigns need refreshing! Every Entrepreneur, Founder and CEO knows that the way you start a business is not going to be the same as how you run a business after year 3, 5 or 10. Product life cycles change, sales strategies adjust based on market share growth and IT infrastructure requires streamlined improvements to stay competitive and be an asset rather than a burden to any organization.

When organizations have a need – technological, sales or marketing – CPC Networks closes the gap but also looks for the next opportunity to scale upward.

What A Partner Relationship Looks Like In Practice

One of our clients – Underground Solutions, Inc (USI) has created a massive presence in their home state of California. This is in part due to the software technology we developed for their field employees to expedite detailed client reports within minutes of job site completion…something that competitors have lagged behind in many cases. We addressed the technological need of streamlining remote job site data and corporate operations data. This created an opportunity to expand corporate operations into other states where all field and corporate data would sync instantaneously. Scaling to regional and eventual national operations requires a new marketing strategy different than the hyper-local strategies used before. CPC Networks is actively producing and implementing a new marketing & sales strategy including new web presences, instant auto-lead assignment to each regional office based on the prospect’s geographic origin, global and regional marketing and lead nurturing campaigns running in tandem etc. By consulting with CPC Networks, USI was able to create ripple effects across multiple departments (IT & Marketing) and capitalize on growth opportunities.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this series where we present example case studies from actual CPC Networks clients…