Restaurant Consulting

CPC Restaurant Consultants: Optimize Your Restaurant Efficiencies

The CPC Restaurant Consultants team  features experienced restaurant professionals.  We have the financial, marketing, operations and culinary know-how to reduce your costs, drive your sales and grow your guest counts. With CPC on your side, our hands-on team helps support key sales and profit-building initiatives for your restaurant.


Services offered to help restaurant customers:

  • Initial consultation to discuss problems and determine business objectives.
  • Identify operational deficiencies including:

    – Accounting

    – Food cost and liquor costs

    – Menu prices and margin

    – Insurance and liability

    – Monthly overhead and P&L

  • Customer service training and education for all staff.
  • Evaluation and placement of management staff for owner.
  • Objective evaluation of food costs (including costing recipes and setting proper menu prices), portion control, plating and presentation, drink and happy hour offerings.
  • Implementation of a proper accounting system to enable revenue forecasting and track costs.
  • Evaluation of your current POS system, making changes to your existing system and/or implementing a new POS.
  • Re-brand of your business through customized website and social media tools, online ordering setup, interfacing your website your with current POS system, payment systems, events calendar, and construction of native mobile apps to directly connect to your customer base for increased sales.
  • Evaluate and implement new marketing solutions including menus, signage and standup advertising to bring customers into location and tabletop information.
  • Professional photo and video shoot(s) for high quality food, drink and location media to be used in all marketing and promotions.
  • Evaluation of current events and entertainment. Planning of new special events, daily specials, happy hours and hourly offers for your customer base.
  • Music and entertainment system design and installation for your restaurant and outside patios.
  • Wireless technology upgrades for customers and business operations, secure routers and firewall to protect valuable data, computer hardware and software infrastructure and reporting network.

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