CPC Expands Restaurant Operations and Marketing in Scottsdale

We were contacted by the owners of Lenero Mexican Grill to help them build their dream of creating a pilot restaurant model in Scottsdale, AZ.  Plans are to expand operations and have up to 20 restaurants in AZ, CA, TX and Nevada.  The CPC team came up with an initial Marketing and operational budget and plan to enhance their food, operations, staff and outdoor music/event and private function services to its customers.

CPC is developing a customized web and marketing strategy to include new Website, mobile App, and direct customer contact and appreciation programs.  Working with the technology in their POS system, we are building the online ordering and processing portion with integration into new website.  We also brought in our professional food team for food styling and photography work to enhance our marketing and customer appeal to the high quality food Lenero offers to its customers.

Further posts are coming as progress continues…….